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As per Paris Agreement earlier and reindorsed during COP26, many countries have committed to the targets for zero CO2 emission within next thirty to forty years, i.e., by 2050-2060. All efforts made so far within cement industry to reduce CO2 emissions from AFR (alternative fuel and raw materials) would lower CO2 emissions by about 30%. The use of calcined clay (by turning natural clay soils into synthetic pozzolanic materials) may lead to another 40% reductions in CO2 emissions by replacing up to 40% clinker in the cement mix. However, further efforts with new technologies are required to meet the future expectations of the cement plants which may need to run on non-fossil fuels with CCUS.

CINAR, is active in the development of fossil fuel substitution techniques for the cement and lime industries, i.e., biomass, Hydrogen plasma into calciners and kilns.

Mineral Interactive Computational Fluid Dynamics (MI-CFD) modelling has shown that net zero fuel switching holds considerable promise for the environmental performance of cement manufacture. .

As part of UK Government initiative, Business Energy and Industry Strategy (BEIS) has awarded several research and development funds focusing on development of H2 fuel utilization within industry. CINAR has been part of these R&D investigations during 2019-2022, with a scope of carbon free operation of cement and lime plants covering from feasibility study to full-scale plant demonstration.

The aim of the research is to investigate gradual replacement of fossil fuel with zero CO2 emissions through ‘Advanced Fuel Switching’ techniques. Computational modelling role has been to assist in designing real plant test conditions for the kiln and the calciner for H2, plasma and biomass firing using CINAR 's in-house developed mineral interactive computational fluid dynamics (MI-CFD) models. .

A promissing Advanced Fuel switch strategy is co-firing Hydrogen with Biomass in kiln.
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