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CINAR has been analysing, designing and improving combustion and incineration equipment, the construction of burners upgrades is affected incorporation of its industrial associates. These activities include conventional aspects of fuel utilisation, environmental impact and economic considerations of heat conversion systems, as well as novel methods of substituting waste/biomass derived fuels for heat recovery.
Fuel selection and creation of combustion environment depend on the specific industry, i.e. the cement and lime industries necessitate simulation of the flame/mineral interactions, whereas boilers in power stations/incinerators burn various fuels (oil, natural gas and pulverised coal) to produce superheated steam largely in the absence of the detrimental effects of mineral transformation. The use of alternative fuels, however, adds further complexities in regard to both combustion/process as well as emissions of NOx, SOx, CO, particulates, toxic metals etc.

CINAR in this context, is working with Europe's leading manufacturers of kilns, boilers, furnaces, burner manufacturers to improve combustion/gasification conditions either through new combustor design and innovative concepts, i.e., flameless oxidation, new waste feeding systems, i.e., whole tyres injection, or reductions of emissions, i.e., SNCR, fuel reburning mechanisms. Generally, we offer solutions beyond conventional approach with emphasis on low CapEx solutions.

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