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CINAR‘s experience in research and development combined with a range of applications via industiral projects provide the essential foundations for reducing emissions by focusing on combustion chemistry, turbulent reacting flows and the extensive use of customised to the process in-house developed mathematical modelling to ensure 100% success in targeted emission reductions with minimum project costs.

The outcome of these activities is the design and fabrication of a wide range of combustors, their burners, sorbents and adsorbent injection protocols. The latest generation of burners can handle the injection of waste derived fuels at desired burner locations to reduce NOx, SOx, CO and VOCs. The use of Cinar’s in-house developed techniques i.e., ‘hot-reburn’ and ‘JAMS’ (jet air mixing systems) allow for the reduction of both NOx and CO by more than 80%. Safety and stability measures come as standard as a result of advanced concepts that simultaneously increase fuel economy and reduce emissions.

CINAR‘s projects also encompass reduction of CO2 through off-setting a portion of the non-green carbon emission to carbon neutral fuels through a combination of novel measures. Avoiding CO2 capture cost makes the biofuel option economically competitive when compared with conventional fuels. 

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