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CINAR has been solving industrial problems in all Energy Intensive Industries related to pyro-processing and combustion emissions for the last 25 years using its in-house developed CFD simulation techniques. 

CINAR has done work associated with the Power, Iron and Steel, Glass, Ceramic and Cement and Lime industries. 

CINAR's engineers have in-depth background and relevant industrial experience in areas such as flames, burners, combustion efficiency, process optimisation and conversion/upgrades, the use of Alternative Fuels (AFR), petcoke and biofuels and NOx, CO, Dioxins emissions. 

CINAR designs and delivers practical solutions with emphasis on low CapEx i.e. designing and locating a burner or optimisation, efficient utilisation of AFR and reducing emissions through models developed and customised for the specific industry i.e. Mineral Interactive Computational Flud Dynamics (MI-CFD) for cement and lime industries.

For cement and lime Industry CINAR offers complete solutions to all pyro-processing issues via CINARTech Associates: PMTech and Alterros.

Fuel and Meal Particle Trajectories inside typical cement calciner
Fuel and Meal Particle Trajectories inside typical cement calciner
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